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All topics can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Navigating the Leadership Crossroads: Is It Your Next Career Move? 

Discover the essential skills and qualities of effective leaders, assess your own strengths, and identify areas for growth. Through interactive sessions, case studies, and self-reflection exercises, gain insights into the dynamic world of leadership. Learn how to navigate challenges, inspire teams, and make impactful decisions. Whether you're a seasoned professional or aspiring to climb the corporate ladder, this workshop equips you with the tools to evaluate if leadership aligns with your aspirations. Take the first step toward a fulfilling and successful leadership journey.


Leading From Within: The Art and Science of Leadership Excellence

This workshop equips participants with essential skills to become impactful leaders. Through interactive sessions, attendees explore key leadership principles, communication strategies, and decision-making techniques. The workshop delves into self-awareness, fostering emotional intelligence, and honing interpersonal skills crucial for effective leadership. Practical exercises and case studies provide real-world applications, allowing participants to practice and refine their leadership abilities. Whether leading teams or navigating organizational challenges, attendees gain insights into motivating others, managing conflicts, and fostering a positive work environment. This dynamic workshop empowers individuals to embrace their leadership potential, fostering personal and professional growth in the ever-evolving landscape of leadership.

Working Together

Bringing Your Best Self to Work

What would it take to dramatically impact the innovation and motivation you bring to work each day? How do you create a work environment where everyone else feels that spirit and energy, too? This program teaches three strategies you can employ each day that will allow you as a leader and professional to bring your best self to work. You will learn how to take advantage of your physiology, methods to tell your brain what is important, and how to use goal setting to get you to your desired target.

Available as a short talk or workshop.

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NFI North

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Norseland Inc.

NorthWest Community College

NWCC Small Business Summit

NWHR Association

Pay Pal

Pier Sailing Boston

Self Made Entrepreneur

SEWN (Senior Executive Women's


Sotheby’s International Realty

Southern New Hampshire University

Stamford Public Schools

Time for Butterflies


West Hartford Women's Networking

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See what other professionals are saying about Coach Jackie's engagements.

“Coach Jackie Ross is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter whose strong presence and effective public speaking skills engage audiences and instill confidence in the transformative work that she does. Jackie has the expertise and the tact to discuss incredibly difficult topics while remaining warm and accessible to put her clients and her audience at ease. I highly recommend Jackie.”

Travis Minor

Travis Minor

Founder & CEO, Open Door Education

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