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Wrapping up 2020!

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I have been on a mission. A mission to figure out a way to digest, process, and wrap up this year both personally and professionally. It has felt both fragmented and bizarre in so many ways. I am certain you all have many other adjectives that would describe how this year has been for you. And, it is still not over. There are still a few weeks left!

So today, on my way to work (where I sometimes do my best thinking), I decided on how I wanted to process 2020 and am going to share it with you all in case you may want to do the same. Hopefully, this is helpful.

My plan is to carve out about 30 – 40 minutes this weekend, put a log on the fire, maybe sip a glass of wine, ask myself the following questions and jot down my responses in my journal. My entry will be entitled: What has 2020 revealed? So here we go!

What Has 2020 Revealed?

C Courage! What courageous acts did I do this year?

O Opportunity! What opportunities were presented for me and did I seek out?

V Victory! What victories occurred for me that I am proud of?

I Insight! What new insights did I discover about myself and others?

D Dedications! Who stood out this year for me that I need to honor and recognize?

19 Identify 19 things about 2020 that had an impact on my life (positive and/or negative) and whether big or small!

Good luck and happy reflecting 2020!


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