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Three Ways to help you Achieve your Goals!

Updated: May 25, 2023

"In an article entitled, 18 Facts About Goals and Their Achievement, by the GoalBand Company, it states that 3 out of 100 adults write down their goals on paper. And that people with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve them". Writing down your goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Here is how goal setting will help you achieve your desired results.

Key #1: When you set a goal, you create a clear focus and direction.

Do you recall when you decided on your last car purchase? You landed on that yellow jeep that you always wanted. What happened once you chose that car, that model and that color? Right! You started seeing yellow jeeps all over. The reason this started happening was not due to the universe dumping thousands of yellow jeeps on the road. Rather, you had made a car choice and now your unconscious mind was drawn to finding those yellow jeeps. The same concept works when you set goals. Once you select a goal for achievement, your attention is drawn in that direction. This will steer you toward your goals.

Key #2: Goals build internal pressure.

This internal pressure will propel you to act, just like the internal pressure you feel when you are hungry. You respond to this pressure by eating and resolving the tension. The same concept applies with goal setting. A tension or dissatisfaction occurs when you are not where you want to be. You can harness this pressure to give you the momentum to move your goals forward.

Key #3: Goals can change when you need them to.

As you take steps and work toward achieving your goals, you should evaluate if your actions are effective. Based on your review, you can decide about next steps. You can elect to continue the same course, make course corrections or change direction entirely. Goals are flexible. You can pivot and alter your path as required.

Focus, pressure and ability to change are the three keys that make goal setting work. Regardless, you are going to move in a direction. The question is do you want to intentionally decide on your path or be led. If you want to call the shots, setting goals will allow you to decide your future in advance.

Happy goal setting and future planning! Coach Jackie


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