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Motivation ... Don't Wait For It!

So here is my theory on motivation. A lot of us wait for that inspirational moment or that motivational thrust that launches us into action. I would say that may work some of the time. But it’s a gamble. When is it coming? Is it coming? There is another way to approach this notion of motivation. DO IT and the Motivation will come!

So when I was training for my various marathons I had to set up my training schedule. I was supposed to run 5 days a week and since I am a morning person I knew it was better to plan my runs for the morning. So I would have to get up at about 5am, have my coffee ready, have my running gear out and ready so all I have to do is get up, brush my teeth, jump into my gear, have my cup of coffee and head out. I had to make it as effortless as I could. 

Now let me tell you, there was absolutely not one shred of motivation that I had at 5 am, heading out to run anywhere from 4 – 8 miles in the dark, freezing New England winter morning. NOTHING!! I just did it … and as I was doing it …. The motivation came. If I waited for it … my tuchass would never have gotten out the door.

So taking action will creates and ignites your motivation. Don't wait until you are motivated to create change! Action will create your motivation!  


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