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Be You!

Updated: May 25, 2023

You do not have to become someone you are not!

I often hear from my coaching clients that they have this belief and feeling that for them to be successful they need to be and become someone they are not. For some reason, the route to success is the journey of adopting a mask, a persona, which does not actually fit, and that belief causes them angst.

For example, many of my clients are introverts who believe that to be an effective communicator and leader they must be loud, gregarious, outgoing, and resemble all the attributes of an “extrovert”. This thought causes a lot of distress and stress. Why? Because feeling as though they must become and act like others who demonstrate those extroverted qualities makes them feel unworthy and that the goal is unattainable.

What if you did not have to become that person? The person who is highly sociable, the first to respond, the “shoot from the hip” communicator? What if you could lean in, amplify and 10X who you already are?

The world does not need any more duplicate copies of others – the world needs you; exactly as you are and to express the best and highest version of you!

Getting to that place of peace within yourself starts with finding out and owning exactly who you are, what you bring to the table, identifying the amazing qualities and gifts you bring, and the loving and lovable person you are … it is this journey that we are all taking.

So start by identifying 3-5 things that you are the go-to person for – what do people seek you out for and what is it that they look to you for your expertise, experience, and wise counsel? Feel free to share. I would love to hear.


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